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Zurich – a very special city for us

Well a few weeks ago we, me and Miguel, spent a wonderful weekend in Zurich. He came for a few days to Basel and I surprised him with a little throwback in Zurich. Zurich is a very special city for us because it’s where we used to have our dates.

As he arrived quiet late in Switzerland and I wanted to take him for dinner, we stayed in the new Boutique Hotel, called Marktgasse Hotel, which is located in the center of Zurich. The thing I most loved about the Hotel was definitely the interior. Our big room was bright and had a very minimalist style, but also very cozy at the same time. The highlight in the room was the coffee machine, I mean who doesn’t like an espresso in the morning? The next morning we had breakfast at their own Café, called “Delish Café”, which is open for everybody/public. “Delish Café” offers you a buffet with all you need for a “yummie” brunch. For me it was a little bit difficult to find something as I’m lactose intolerant, but Miguel on the other hand was super happy.

Before our amazing night at Marktgasse Hotel, we went for dinner to Santa Lucia, because it’s where we always used to go when we had our dates in Zurich. In my opinion they have the best Pizza in town! It’s actually funny that we kept going to Santa Lucia, because always when we went there for dinner, we had an argument about silly things – but of course, this time, after not seeing each other for over two months, we hadn’t.

It was really cool to spend a day in Zurich, as we have so many good memories from this city. Now that we are always traveling between Sevilla and Basel, we don’t have a lot of time to visit other cities, because we don’t have a lot of free days. I think everybody who is having or had a long distance relationship knows exactly what I’m talking about, because everyday we have, we spend it to see each other, that means that there is no time and money to visit other countries, which is pretty sad, because I love to travel, but anyway, I hope things will change in the future.


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