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Adidas girls bootcamp – RUNBASE BERLIN

As you know a few weeks ago I was in Berlin to attend the first girl boot camp at the run base organized by Adidas, and it’s almost impossible to sum up such an incredible weekend in one blog post, but I will try my best.

Day 1

When I arrived at 1pm in Berlin it was raining so hard I didn’t get to see anything from Berlin except Kreuzberg, which is quite an alternative area in Berlin. Later at 18.30pm we met all together at the RUNBASE Berlin to do some running analysis, to get to know each other and to have our first dinner together. I already learnt a lot on this evening, as our running expert, told us exactly which Adidas shoe suits us the best. Before I was always running with my PureBoost X, which I really love because they’re super comfortable, but he told me that they’re just for short distances. So, he recommended me the ultra boost, but they didn’t have my size so he gave me an alternative: Supernova Glide 8, it’s a running shoe which gives you a good stability while running long distances.

In general the food was always amazing. We got served everyday by the amazing Lab Kitchen which is lead by Lisa Müller. You can read about their amazing concept (here).


Day 2

Our second day started with a little morning run from our Hotel to the RUNBASE, which was about a 3-4km run. When we arrived at the RUNBASE, we first had breakfast, which is obviously my favorite meal of the day. I had by far the best Smoothie Bowl of my life, and I still hope that I can go back to Berlin just to have it one more time. After having breakfast we had a little introduction about how important water is for us, and of course which kind of water we should drink. In the future I’ll probably do a longer blog post about this issue, because it was really interesting and usefull. Later we did an ABC training, sprints, intervals and 400 meters runs. We all were so motivated – not even the rain could make us quit.

After having lunch I had probably the hardest workout in my WHOLE life with. I think the problem was that I my legs felt already super heavy from the running before but after THIS workout, I thought I’m going to die. We all were keeping eye contact throughout the workout, and you could tell that everybody was basically screaming OMG.

E92A1470 E92A1438 E92A1632

After a break, we had a Matcha workshop, which was pretty cool, because I love matcha latte and Lisa Müller, from the Lab Kitchen gave us all her recipes. If you wanna know them, just send me an E-Mail and I’ll forward it to you. It was by far the best Matcha Latte I ever had, it’s really not comparable with the one from Starbucks.


E92A1812 E92A1848

Since it was our last dinner together, we run back to the hotel, where we had some hours to rest and get ready for a suprise dinner organized by the Adidas Team.

The location was so beautiful – btw it’s the Adidas office in Berlin, and it’s insane. They prepared a wonderful dinner for us – BBQ, wine, salad, live concert (the beautiful Lary Lou was performing for us) and cheesecake. I really have no words to describe this wonderful evening with the girls but I hope that the pictures speak for themselves.


E92A9221 E92A9060

Day 3

The last day started with our morning run to the RUNBASE, where we had again this amazing smoothie bowl. After that we had another workout, but it wasn’t that hard as the day before, but to be honest I didn’t feel my body anymore as I still had sore muscles from the day before.

Later on we had an amazing yoga class, which was kind of a workout and meditation hour. We all felt super relaxed after it and were already all sad about leaving in a few hours. We enjoyed our last lunch together and after few hours we were already saying goodbye to each other.

E92A9445 E92A9645

Personally I have to say, that for me Adidas was always a brand which I loved, but after this weekend I really feel a stronger connection to the brand. If you get the chance to go to Berlin, take an afternoon to go to the RUNBASE, where you can have a drink, meal or just hang out with the Adidas family, because this is what we’ve experienced. It’s not only a place where you do sports, it’s also a place where you find people who care about you, and who push you in order to achieve your goals. I could hardly walk the stairs up to the airplane because I had such a big muscle ache, but it felt good, because nobody before has ever pushed me this hard to my limits.


Thank you Laura, Nina from Adidas, for taking care of us so much during this weekend and of course thank you to the RUNBASE Berlin for making us a part of their family. Since I came home from the RUNBASE I’m super motivated for my half marathon and my perspective on running has completely changed. THANK YOU!


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