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The Hydrating Revitalizing Serum


I’ve been testing the recently launched La Mer “Hydrating Revitalizing Serum” for a few weeks now and I’m impressed by the result. Especially during winter when our skin is exposed to dry air and minus temperatures it’s even more important to hydrate our largest organ – our skin.

“With 8x the immediate effects of a humidifier, this refreshing serum creates a haven of all-day hydration. Lime Tea Concentrate—a powerful antioxidant—protects against the elements, allowing skin to thrive, Cells plump and lines are visibly softened as natural repair is energized. Skin becomes visibly radiant, youthful. Full of vibrant lifeThe Revitalizing Hydrating Serum La Mer 1The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum La Mer 1

It’s not only important to hydrate our skin but also our body. So don’t forget to drink enough water, even when it’s cold outside and you might not be in the mood to drink or rarely feel any thirst. It’s still very important, believe me. I always try to add slides of lemon, berries, ginger or mints to my water. This really has always worked for me so far. Furthermore I try to drink a lot of green juices or smoothies, as they make your skin shine and glow.

The Revitalizing Hydrating Serum La Mer 1


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