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smoothie time is happy time

I’m so happy that the cold days are almost over, because this means sunshine and smoothie time starts again!
I love to wake up early and take my time for my morning routine, eventhough it can sometimes be really hard to do so. But having enough time in the morning feels almost like a guarantee for having a good day. And this is why I wanna share with you guys how I make my green smoothie that I’ve been drinking for a long time, because drinking a smoothie is something I do almost every morning.

The inspiration for this juice I got from the Juicery 21 which is a very cute juice bar in Zurich – so when I finally got the motivation to do my own smoothies, I ordered a smoothie machine at – the delivery was suuper fast and everything worked just perfectly. Actually I order quiet a lot at as you can find everything in their online shop. You can also find very cute Smoothie containers, if you want to do your smoothie “to go”.

Well I have to be honest I was drinking coffee every morning, but since I replaced my morning coffee with my green juice and matcha latte, I have more energy in the morning.
I think it’s very important that you take your time in the morning, listen to music, make yourself a good breakfast and prepare yourself without stress.






Mix all together with a mixer (bought mine here) et voilà!!!

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  1. This recipe with the grapes sounds really good. I’ll definitely give it a try 🙂
    I usually mix kiwi with lemons and spinach – a very healthy start of the day.


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