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It‘s been a long time since my last blog post – but you guys all know that time flies – especially when you’re super busy like I am atm. As you maybe already heard/read I started a new job in Lucerne and additionally moved into my very first own flat. All of this kept me from writing for you on my blog. But these things will hopefully calm down soon – I promise I‘ll be back with much more content on my blog!

Well let me talk to you about winter… The only thing I love about winter is the ‘cardigan/pullover’ season. There’s nothing better in the world than snuggling with cozy knitwear and watching the world turn white with a hot chocolate warming your hands. Like every season I’m looking for new pullovers which help me get trough cold days. That’s why I’m glad I discovered that La Redoute has such a big range of different pullovers and cardigans. As so many of you asked me about the beige pullover I was wearing in Sevilla with my favorite jeans skirt, I really wanted to share with you this outfit. But of course I also  took the opportunity to share more looks with you.

Here I went for a white pullover, a beige and a bright orange pullover, and if you too want to try this look, make sure that you take the right size. I personally love wearing oversized pullovers, but when it comes to cardigans, I prefer to wear them as a shirt, so i’d rather go for the right size.

Find everything here. 

Use the code “ENTR” to get a -20CHF discount on a purchase of at least 50CHF.


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