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how to make your dreams come true

Most of the time people might think bloggers are traveling around and enjoying their vacation to the fullest, but I can tell you that Miguel and me have been working hard in morocco. We shot some campaigns, wrote some articles and we are working on a very big project which I can’t tell you more about yet. I wish I could tell you all about it already as it is a very big dream coming true, but it also means a big change and challenge in my life.

I am so happy I teamed up with HP and they provide me with the new HP Spectre x360, as it made my days in Morocco so much easier. The notebook is not just very thin and light, but its perfect aswell to edit all my content, as you can transform it to a tablet. Another big advantage is the long lasting battery, as this is very important for me while being always on the way.

If you are looking for a good looking and working notebook, you can get more information here:

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