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never not working

My most productive time is the morning so I get up early and head straight to my HP Spectrex360 to plan my daily content for my blog. The best weapon for your job is a fast working laptop and for sure a cup of coffee. I prefer my HP Spectrex360 due to its compact design and the opportunity to convert it into a tablet. Last but not least – this laptop from HP is also an eyecatcher. Blogging requires a lot of typing and editing photos and HP Spectrex360 is just ideal for that job that has integrated a very smooth keyboard to make typing easier and fast.

Each Monday I try to schedule posts in advance to keep my posting schedule consistent. I always try to catch up new things that you guys could be interested in – so therefore I wanted to ask if you’d like to see more fashion blogposts or lifestyle posts in the future. Would you be interested into a where to stay and eat in Zurich blogpost? What are you thought about it? Just leave a comment below. 🙂

BTW shop the laptop here.


  1. Valentina Valentina

    Salut Sandra !! I Love your posts !! A mi mencantaría ver lifestyle posts en el futuro ♥️♥️

  2. Hi! You have a lovely style and blog. Keep up this great work! Yes, I would be interested in a blogpost about where to stay and eat in Zurich. (especially from someone who is living there, like you). 🙂 Have a wonderful day!

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