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back to childhood memories with Daylong

Daylong reminds me of my childhood, as it was the only sunscreen my mom would buy. I remember that she always told me to take care of my skin and that she would always have the typical orange Daylong sunscreen in her straw bag, even if we were traveling to Portugal. My friends call me „summer kid“ and it is not a surprise that I used to spend the whole day at the beach as a child – but one thing you should never forget, no matter what age, is to protect your skin. I am very glad to present you the Daylong Sensitive Gel-Fluid SPF 50+ – it is as light as a serum and it feels perfect on the skin. Daylong Sensitive is a particularly well-tolerated sunscreen for sun-sensitive or oily skin due to its matting effect.

More infos about Daylong Sensitive HERE.

daylong sensitive sunscreen

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