Limited Edition - Valentine's Day

Valentine’s Day... it’s all about love, red roses and blablabla. Today I do not want to talk about the perfect relationship. Instead, I want to talk about you - about an independent, self-confident individual who believes in their dreams. I think nowadays we forget a lot about what really makes us happy. Recently I had a talk with a friend, and what she told me was just DO IT. Don’t think about the consequences! You are young, do what makes you happy and don’t waste your time on things that put you down. If something makes you sad, let it go.

I was thinking about many things lately, and I will promise you that I will change a lot this year. Today, I will finally stop saying what if – but I will finally take a step toward my dreams. Most of the time I think what other people might think about me, about what I’m doing and what I am, but I promise you, that this will change.

Now, promise me one thing – from today on, you are going to be the person you always wanted to! Life is too short and happiness is way to precious.

Life is also too short to not share the Limited Edition Dyson Supersonic hairdryer with you. I cannot live without my Dyson hairdryer anymore, best investment ever. You can buy it here.

And for those who wonder how I edited my pictures: I used the app KUDAK PRO and HUJI. Love those vintage effects.


in collaboration with Dyson