Dyson Supersonic REVIEW

I've been testing my Dyson hair dryer for quite a while now, as you may have noticed. So now it's time to give you some feedback about the hair dryer. A long time ago I was very unhappy with my hair, because my hair is very thin. Everyone who has thin hair like me knows how difficult it is to work volume into thin hair. In addition, my hair was blond in the tips, which damaged my tips. So I had to leave the house every day with shabby and flabby hair.

Before I came to enjoy the Dyson hair dryer, I straightened my hair every day. It took me a long time to blow-dry my hair straight. Time and nerves I don't have as a sleep lover. Since I own the Dyson hair dryer, however, I have been able to put my straightening iron aside forever! It only takes me 10 minutes of my life every morning to leave the house with super shiny voluminous hair. Its intelligent heat control technology helps you to protect your natural hair shine and additionally protects your hair from extreme heat damage. Thanks to this investment, I no longer need overpriced hair products, as the use of this hair dryer alone generates much less hair damage. I also appreciate that the Dyson Supersonic is very quiet and I don't have to wake up my late riser friend with a loud disturbing noise every morning. (Everybody knows the sound when the mother starts vacuuming at 9 o'clock in the morning.)

Have you ever used a Dyson Supersonic before? If yes, let me know your experience! :)