First blow dry with the DYSON AIRWRAP

Hi guys

I guess everybody heard about the new Hairstyler from Dyson. I mean how hilarious is their new product - the Dyson Airwrap - you dry and style your hair at the same time. I’m so happy I can finally share my thoughts with you as I’ve been testing it now for a view weeks. I knew this product would completely alter my morning route and it did - now I can finally style my hair by myself without running to the hair dresser and without damaging my hair (due to its intelligent heat control).

I hope I can help you with this very easy tutorial. It is all about - how to straighten your hair.


Step 1

Dry your hair  with the pre-styling dryer - until your hair is dumb.

Step 2

Attach the Soft smoothing brush and select medium power and medium heat. I started to blow dry my roots to create volume and then I started to divide different hair parts. The brush is engineered to be gentle on the scalp.

Step 3

Brush until dry and push the cold shot at the end to set your hair style.