Protect Nature - a trip to Bordeaux

A few weeks ago I had the chance to get to know the brand Caudalie and their new sunscreen range - and you know what? It was one of the most amazing trips I ever did.

It all began in Bordeaux, in the heart of the vines at Château Smith Haut Lafitte, the estate belonging to Caudalie founder Mathilde Thomas’ parents. Caudalie is a unique story of love, nature, passion, chance encounters and a sense of adventure!

We did not only get to know the new sunscreen range, but also Mathilde’s daddy, their wine, Les Sources de Caudalie; a place known as one of the most visually stunning spa resorts in the world, founded by Mathilde’s sister Alice Tourbier, Arcachon and much more.

But first let’s talk about Caudalie’s new launch - their sunscreen range!

Did you know that every year 14‘000 tones of sunscreen are deposited into coral reef areas of the sea? The chemicals we rub onto our skin might help prevent skin cancer but we’re only just beginning to understand the environmental impact of sunscreen. The potential problem is that many ingredients used in sunscreen products are synthetic organic molecules (for example oxybenzone and octinoxate), like those used to make plastics. These molecules are designed to be highly stable and so they don’t break down when they enter the environment. As a result, sunscreen ingredients are detectable in species including coral reefs, fish, sea mammals such as dolphins and even marine dwelling birds. These chemicals are used in more than 3‘500 products!

Caudalie has created a suncare collection that protects both the skin and the environment. 

Consisting of five products, including facial and body sunscreens and an oil spray, the collection uses patented 'ocean protect' formulas that were in development for several years.

What about protecting your skin while protect our nature? The new Caudalie Ocean Protect range is WITHOUT oxybenzone and octinoxate! All chemical sun filters, including Oxybenzone and Octinoxate, have been eliminated from the formula, leaving only water-resistant and biodegradable filters which offer maximum UVA and UVB protection while reducing environmental damage.

Furthermore Caudalie partnered up with Coral Guardian and Reef World in order to preserve coral reef ecosystems, empower local communities, raise public awareness and valuate marine ecosystems.


IMG_7268 2.JPG

Secret tip: Use the vinoperfect serum in combination with your sunscreen to avoid spots from the sun.

Our first stop was at Hotel La Co(o)rniche and we spend two amazing days there. We did Stand Up Padding, Yoga and we went to Cap Ferret which is a seaside location close to Archachon.

Les Sources de Caudalie

My first impression of Les Sources de Caudalie was that of a safe haven away from the business of the world: the hotel, established in 1999 was inspired by the “French Paradox” that was discovered over 20 years ago and which refers back to a study proving that the French diet and lifestyle, particularly in Southwest France, is a way of good health.

Les Sources de Caudalie has outdoor and indoor pools, a spa pool and a great Barrel Bath that was my coup de coeur : not only is its water drawn from a natural hot spring, 540 meters beneath the earth, but this « outside jacuzzi » is also an absolutely photogenic Instagram spot.

in Collaboration with Caudalie.

Sandra Rodrigues Pinto