another day, another move.

Another day and another move.

After one year in Zurich it was time for another change of scenery.

Many may have wondered why it brought me back to Basel. I decided to follow my dreams and realize my own ideas. It took me one day to transport all my belongings from Zurich to Basel. Unfortunately I had to leave some pieces of furniture with a heavy heart in Zurich - not my La Redoute  furniture. Although I moved from a dark little apartment into a light-flooded big apartment, it did not come to my mind to let my beloved sofa of La Redoute there. In the old apartment I had to convert my sofa into an armchair for space reasons.

Since I now have enough space I can also put the remaining parts together to create a new environment. I have also succeeded in redesigning other furniture so that it almost looks like new. Why am I telling you this? I would like to remind you in this way that every new beginning does not have to be celebrated with new furniture. Today's society leans far too much on throwaway society, which is not correct. A good quality piece of furniture can accompany you all your life. If you get bored - throw a sheepskin over it or maybe some decorative pillows with new covers. A piece of furniture can be transformable just like a person. It also tells a story.

A story that has formed you into who you are.

My living room now in Basel, is also the heart of my whole business - lamarel show room.

I hope you love it as much as I do! The amazing female body painting was made by my friend Sarah Egger.

Use the code "ENTR" for a 20CHF voucher (for orders above 50CHF)!

Most of my furniture you find with the key words: Maison Père.

P.S. they also have amazing bags and clothes! (second picture)


in paid collaboration with La Redoute Switzerland