I never say no to cappuccino, latte macchiato or simply coffe with milk – I love to drink my coffee with soy milk, almond milk or rice milk and I just can’t resist.

As a proud Nespresso ambassador I am happy to introduce the new Barista Creations range – the new range of coffees which is specially designed to go with milk. It is inspired by the expertise of the world’s finest baristas. Nespresso’s idea is to give us the opportunity to create the perfect milk recipes at home. 


These are the three new coffees:

Barista Creations Chiaro : (light )

You can really cocoon with Barista Creations Chiaro because it was designed for the sweet harmony of coffee with milk. A carefully selected blend of Kenyan and Indonesian Arabicas gets our lightest roast ever, so when you add milk, it reveals those delicious caramel and sweet biscuit notes.


Barista Creations Scuro : (dark)

Savor the flavorful coffee character through the sweetness of milk with Barista Creations Scuro. The secret to this ideal combination is in the meticulous split roasting of selected Colombian and Ethiopian Arabicas. Just add milk and the roasted, cereal and nutty notes will glow in your cup in this perfect marriage with milk.


Barista Creations Corto : (short)

Are you craving a punchy shot of robust coffee with just a little touch of sweetness? Take a sip of Barista Creations Corto with a dash of milk, and let this powerful, dark roasted blend of African Arabica and Robusta carry you away with its intense notes of roasted coffee and peppery spice. Enjoy its silky texture and lingering aftertaste.


Personally I love the Barista Creations Chiaro the most – and this is why I want to share with you how I create every morning my cappuccino with soy milk with the Nespresso Frother. In the second part of the video I’m sharing with you the iced frappe recipe for warm summer days.