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Welcome to the Nespresso Family – introducing the new coffees Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Esperanza de Colombia.


These exquisite and rare coffees are virtually unknown and have been slowly disappearing for decades. As a result of Nespresso’s investment and the commitment of partners, coffee farmers in the Honde Valley, Zimbabwe, and Caquetá, a remote region in Colombia, are starting to rebuild sustainable livelihoods, restore their local economies and bring much-needed development to their rural communities. 

Nespresso launched Reviving Origins, a new initiative to restore coffee farming in regions where it is under threat. Through its AAA Sustainable Quality Program, Nespresso is working with farmers in regions that have been blighted by conflicts, economic hardships or environmental disasters.

The brand is committed to investing 10 million CHF ($9.8 million USD) over the next five years to encourage economic development and bolster high-quality coffee production in regions such as Colombia, Zimbabwe and Puerto Rico. The premiere Reviving Origins coffees, Tamuka mu Zimbabwe and Esperanza de Colombia, from eastern Zimbabwe and Caquetá, Colombia – virtually unknown, rare coffees – are available today. The first Reviving Origins coffee from Puerto Rico will be available in limited quantities in September of this year.

According to the Colombian National Coffee Growers Federation, “The Nespresso AAA Sustainable Quality Program has had a positive social and economic impact in the Caquetá region.

“It has allowed [us] to generate new life opportunities for the coffee growing communities of San Vicente del Caguán and Florencia through the improvement of the quality of their coffee and the implementation of sustainable agriculture practices”.

Esperanza de Colombia is a mild coffee that is very light in acidity. Nespresso says it’s beautifully balanced and rounded, and it has aromas of yellow fruits with a hint of a cereal note. And I say that I’m in love - I can definitely taste the fruity notes. It is a gGood for those who enjoy a smooth cup of coffee in the morning like me.

Tamuka mu Zimbabwe is a flowery espresso from the famous Honde Valley. It sings with complex fruitiness and a zesty bright acidity, full of character, with notes of red berries, currants, and cranberries. 

Compared to the Esperanza de Colombia, you can taste more of the acidity and it’s nice and bold. You can have it as a shot or mix it with some milk or turn it into an Americano to soften the acidity. I love it for long working days.

Let me know what you think!

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Sandra Rodrigues Pinto