Is there something better than ICE COFFEE during hot summer days? For me not. But how create the perfect ice coffee? Well, Nespresso created the Limited Edition over ice specially designed for the combination with ice cubes. Sometimes I even add a little bit of caramel syrup to make it sweeter.

My favorite ice coffee moment is at home, when I arrive after a long working day and I can finally sit on my favorite rattan chair on my little balcony. It’s the moment where I put my phone away and just relax. Sometimes I even grab a book (current book mood: the secret - Rhonda Byrne) and just enjoy.

The Limited Edition comes in two versions:

*Long Black Over Ice - the strong acidic note helps the coffee stand alone as black coffee without milk

*Flat white over ice - the perfect ice coffee with milk

Currently you can buy the cool ice kit with some cool acessoires to create the perfect iced coffee at home at all Nespresso shops (ice coffee cups, ice cube form and large spoon).

For more information click here.

What’s your favorite ice coffee moment?