Second life - Nespresso x Caran d'Ache

Nespresso asked me If I ever give a second life to my products, and I said yes. Whenever I finish my jelly glass or my pickles (which I adore) – I wash the glass and use it as a smoothie, salad or snacks „tupperware“ – giving them a second life. And so does Nespresso – they launched in collaboration with Caran d’Ache their second limited iconic ballpoint, made with aluminum from recycled coffee capsules Master Origin India.

I think its so important not wasting used products and make something out of them if its possible. So many years I was throwing away my Nespresso capsules to the bill – but do you already know the recycling system of Nespresso? It is so easy and simple!  

Thanks to the « Recycling at home » service, you can leave your bag of used aluminum capsules in your mailbox at any time. The mail courier will collect it on the next delivery day – for free. So how can it be easier to recycle?  

Here are the steps to recycle your Nespresso capsules: 

1. Fill the recycling bag with your used Nespresso capsules and close it tightly.

2. Pull the label off the top of the bag and place the bag in the mailbox

3. Make sure that the removable label is clearly visible. The mail courier will collect it the next time he delivers your mail.

 Nespresso even helps us recycling in a way that we don’t even have to commit, this is just insane. Thank you for introducing me to the recycling at home bags.

Also whenever I’m in a public place and i see rubbish on the floor i just take it and throw it away, so that people see it, so that they take the same responsibility. I think its very important to create awareness about this theme, and we need to collaborate all together. 

In collaboration with Nespresso.

interiorSandra Rodrigues Pinto